Seasons of Hope Counseling ~ Summer Katz, LMHC, LLC


Thank you for visiting Seasons of Hope Counseling. Professional counseling services provided by Summer Katz, M.A., LMHC

If you are feeling stressed, unmotivated, or are having difficulty with uncertainties in life… please know that there is hope!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward emotional healing. Establishing a confidential, non-judging therapeutic relationship takes a great deal of courage and can prove to be extremely rewarding.

Allow me to welcome you to use my site to learn about the services I offer in my practice. Please feel free to contact me personally to set up an appointment.

“It is what we make it”… that is my philosophy on life, as well as how I hope to approach my work with you. Saying this, I certainly know that it is not easy! Life can be filled with many distractions that may come in the form of responsibilities or obligations, conflicting struggles, and even chronic concerns. Allowing yourself to seek counseling assistance is a powerful step toward experiencing these moments in a brand new way. Throughout the therapeutic relationship, I will provide you with guidance and support as we work together to better understand those distractions, recognize the challenges, and begin to experience hope within the ever changing seasons of life.